Can we debug the custom assembly code?

  1. No, we can't
  2. Yes, we can do this using Application.ShowMessage
  3. Yes, we can do this using Thisform.Variables
  4. Yes, we can do using IDORuntime by attaching the process to VS Code

Answer: d

Yes, we can debug the Custom Assembly code using visual studio by attaching the debug process to the IDORunTime Service.

But, this can be achieved only in the On-prem systems, not in the CSI cloud.

Steps to debug the code,

  1. Stop the IDO Run time service in the on-prem system
  2. Open the IDORunTimeService utility app from the Syteline installed folder
  3. In visual studio, click on attach to process in the debug menu
  4. Select the IDORunTime process

You should be able to debug the code by triggering the method call.

As mentioned above, this is suitable only for the On-Prem systems.

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