Infor's flagship product, CloudSuite Industrial (previously known as Syteline) might suit the best for most of the business processes in your industry, but at times you need alterations. You want to customize and personalize the software to match your business requirements. We follow Infor's recommended development methodologies, like creating and extending IDOs( Intelligent Data Objects), creating UETs( User Extended Types), External Generalized stored procedures( EXTGEN), etc. We can modify reports, forms, business processes, workflows, and application events in such a way that your ERP remains upgrade compatible. We always ensure that we provide proper documentation for the clients so that they can maintain it in the repository for future reference. This practice ensures that the software can be well maintained over the years

Infor's development methodologies

CloudSuite Industrial( SyteLine) ERP Manufacturing software is the answer for over 5,000 manufacturers around the world. From selling and sourcing to production and accomplishment, CloudSuite Industrial aligns supply with demand and provides the capability to deliver to clients on time, every time.

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